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Renewable energy has become a worthy adversary to traditional energy and fuels offering greater capacity at a lower price worldwide. Through new technologies, alternative energy generators mitigate energy discrepancies in main power lines and boost their overall efficiency.

Being one of the cheapest energies in the world, wind energy is yet to unleash its rich potential for the number of its applications is still growing along with the growing demands.

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Facts and figures Facts and figures Dynamics of installed capacity of wind turbines in the world, GW
Source: Windpower Intelligence

According to analysts from Wood Mackenzie, despite the negative factors such as COVID-19 pandemia, 2020 should bring outstanding growth to the wind energy market. Following their forecasts, the global capacity of the wind energy market will grow by 73 GW in 2020, or by 38% since 2019, and the total capacity of wind turbines installed worldwide is expected to comprise 694 GW.

Facts and figures

Wind energy today

Nowadays, the capacity of installed wind generators can cover most of the key needs of world economies providing consumers with stable, affordable electricity.

World’s major economies continue to gradually substitute gas, oil and fossil fuels with renewable energy generation. In this regard, wind energy will remain a rising trend in the energy industry for many years attracting more investors from all over the globe.

In 2019, the global capacity of wind turbines increased by 53 GW, or by 8.2% since 2018, comprising 621 GW in total globally.

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Energy of the future

The development of wind energy generation, nurtured by regional policies and advances in technology, allows for a wide range of applications of renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. This trend remarkably influences projected growth of the global energy production.

The rapid development of renewable energy sources

The rapid development of renewable energy sources

is expected to warrant 35-50% of global electricity production by 2040, covering 19-25% of global energy demand

The increasing demand for renewable energy

The increasing demand for renewable energy

will lead to global decrease of CO2 emissions that negatively influence the environment

Oil industry market will slow down dramatically

Oil industry market will slow down dramatically

due to the increase of alternative energy use in transport and production

Fast growth of decentralized energy generation

Fast growth of decentralized energy generation

will turn consumers from passive into active market players in local energy generation systems triggering the importance of energy accumulation

In the highlight of the above mentioned factors, we assume that now you have the best conditions for investment into wind energy. TBHAWT Manufacturing OÜ is ready to provide its partners and clients with expertise, knowledge and tools to successfully enter the market right now. Develop your eco-friendly wind energy business with us!


Strategic partner

The state-owned company Ida-Viru County Industrial Areas Development Foundation is the strategic partner of TBHAWT Manufacturing OÜ assisting in building cooperation with the government of Estonia regarding the implementation of wind turbine production factory and wind farm development program.