Tbhawt Manufacturing
Special features

Innovative solution

Wind turbine WTW-55 consists of three two-winged towers and a generator between them. Tower height is 12 meters, generator weight is 900 kg, wing weight is 130 kg, and wing length is 27,5 m.

WTW-55 is designed on the basis of the Darrieus wind turbine.
The key innovation of WTW-55 is the construction of the wind turbine:

  • No mechanical spinning axis
  • Pliable wings changing their form at centrifugal rotation

Patent Details

Wind turbine WTW-55 by Tbhawt Manufacturing OÜ utilizes the high-efficient wing design after the Darrieus wind turbine. Tbhawt Manufacturing OÜ concluded a license agreement with A.N.E.M. (Alternative Energy and Manufacturing Ltd) for the use of the wind turbine wing (patent “Horizontal Axis Troposkein Tensioned Blade Fluid Turbine” registered in the USA, No. USOO9441615B1).